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       WICCA (sometimes called Wicce, Witchcraft, The Craft, or The Old Religion by its practitioners) represents an ancient religion of love for life and nature. Wicca is easily one of the most irrepressible religions in the world because it stimulates the intellect, promotes a simple, practical way of life and, most importantly, is emotionally satisfying. Our religion celebrates the Wiccan sabbats, which mark the seasons. A Witch, in coven or alone, uses magick and herbs to bend time and matter in order to achieve psychic and spiritual satisfaction. Witches do not worship the Devil. Witchcraft predates Christianity and does not incorporate a belief in the Christian Devil.

       For the last twenty years our beliefs in Witchcraft have evolved into a way of life. We celebrate the Wiccan sabbats and esbats. We divine with astrology, tarot and runes. With Wicca we invoke, chant, dance, and rite to the sway and ebb of the wheel of the year. We revere nature and the earth we live on as the biggest priority in our lives and lives to come.

Since long before The Burning Times, Witches have been persecuted and ridiculed.

This site was designed to stop that attitude. 

       Witches love... 

              Witches HARM NONE

'So when I go to sleep at night I pray to the wind that you are safe and well with the hope that it will carry it's way to you and you will know that someone loves your glass heart for eternity.'
                            ... from a kindred Witch.  Thanks Darlie!



- - - England. (The Times (UK))- June 22, 2009 - Druids began their incantations, Wiccan priestesses drew their cowls tight against the damp morning air and four half-naked Papuan dancers waved their hands in the air and went: "Woo, woo, woo".

Only the guest of honour failed to put in an appearance at Stonehenge.


06/22 - Record Pagans at Stonehenge
06/16 - Pagan god Mithras statue found.
06/12 - Pagans, atheists and nature.
06/08 - Pagans aren't Americans?
06/05 - Witches meet in St. Louis.
05/31 - Black Magic Booms.

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A record 36,500 people had gathered at the prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain to watch the sun rise. So many turned out to celebrate the solstice that roads had to be shut and the vast field converted into a car park for 6,500 vehicles was full by 3am.

Disappointingly, despite a promising forecast, the sun was unable to break through the thin layer of grey cloud that shrouded the ceremony. But most people did not let that spoil their enjoyment.



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Realtime Lunar Transits. Excellent lunar astrology for spell workings and ritual.

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