Astrology and Divination

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Not divination, astrology takes the position of the planets and stars and correlates these with the signes of the zodiac to provide quite accurate and individual results.  The individual horoscope, or natal chart, is actually a map of how the planets, sun and moon, appeared at the moment of birth.
Cartomancy (Tarot)
Divination or fortune telling with cards.  These can be the Tarot, Rune cards, the Cartouche playing cards, Karma cards, Medicine cards, the new Phoenix deck for past life readings, Star + Gate (an exceptional psychological tool that is excellent for magickal and non-magickal people), The Celtic Tree Oracle, etc.
Divination by the use of stones inscribed with the magickal alphabet of the Teutonic symbols.  Runes are excellent for dream analysis, spells, talismans, as well as general divination.
Divination by the use of a pendulum, forked stick or metal rod.  Excellent for yes and no questions.  Rather exciting as you can design your own charts and fashion your own pendulums out of just about anything (even fishing line and a weight!)
Divination by use of numbers and calculations thereof.  Anything from your birth date to dream analysis can be used.  Tarologists and astrologists often will use numerology to give a more complete reading.
Channeling boards
The very popular 'Talking boards' or 'Ouija' boards are utilized with several people moving a lens called a 'plantain' while concentrating on the matter or question at hand.  Interpretation is in the form of letters and numbers decided by where the lens 'stops' on the channeling board.
The study of an individual's script or handwriting.  This is extremely useful in webweaving and also adds to any other reading you may be doing.
Tea Leaves
Also known as 'tea leaf reading'.  The subject drinks a cup of tea but leaves enough tea so as to distribute a pattern on the bottom of the cup which is then interpreted by the diviner.
Divination using three coins or chips.  Once tossed, linear patterns are determined several times, then interpreted.
Divination by vehicle... such as using scrying mirrors, inked water, crystal balls, or fire to obtain the results.
Divination by examination of an individual's hands.
Divination by use of marks in the Earth.

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