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TARANTULA ATHAME, 9"      $9.95      

This unique athame contains a molded tarantula motif on the hard plastic hilt with a gray, stainless steel double edged blade. Black leather sheath has embossed spider. Blade geometry will vary. 9" total length.       More Info

MINI SPIDER ATHAME      $4.95      

Just 5 ¾" long, this cute, black-bladed athame has a spider on its black handle and its sheath.      More Info

WINGED SCARAB ATHAME, 12½"      $19.95      

Slender Egyptian design, gunmetal pewter finish athame with double edged, kriss-style (wavy edges) stainless steel blade. Hilt is an Egyptian goddess with a winged scarab comprising the hand guard. Sheath is adorned with hieroglyphic symbols. Measures approx. 12½" long, 13½" long with sheath.      More Info

ROBIN HOOD ATHAME      $25.95      

Athame is heavily decorated in black and silver. Depicts snake, eagle design on sheath. Handle has Earl of Huntington insignia on top, with decorated silver bands running the length of the grip. Hand guard has birds heads with decorated shield. Attached to handle are two red tassels and decorative chain securing the knife to the sheath. Double edged blade is made of stainless steel and is approx. 11" in length. Overall length is approx. 17".      More Info

FANTASY ATHAME      $22.95      

This very decorative cold cast resin athame displays a winged head sheath complimented by intertwining snakes. Along with a curved double edged blade and demon handle, making this a unique and eye catching athame. Approx length 12½" x width 5½" at widest point. Athame Length approx 12", Blade 6"       More Info

WOOD HANDLED ATHAME      $10.95      

Elegantly simple athame with a double edged stainless steel blade, natural wood hilt, brass trim, & leather sheath. Approx 9 1/4" total length.       More Info

SCOTTISH DRESS DIRK      $37.95      

Very stylish athame. Black sheath with decorative silver casements with bright red stones. Knife handle grip is heavy black molded plastic, with weave design. Single edge blade is made of stainless steel and is approx. 10" in length - overall length is approx. 15" in length. Very decorative piece for your collection.       More Info

PENTAGRAM ATHAME      $33.95      

Athame has black rubber grip handle with silver gray trim. Celtic Pentagram on hilt of blade. Blade is double edged. 6" in length overall length is 9". Comes with black knife sheath.       More Info

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