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Hanna's 3x9 Round Pillar Candle

Pillar candles are one of today's most requested decorating items and are sometimes called columns. We suggest using pillar candles in varying heights with dried flowers or greenery around the base. This way your centerpiece will be fragrant as well as beautiful.


Pillar candles are used for very long
burning, long lasting situations.
Pillars are the base for any centerpiece,
come in a wide variety of
colors and textures, and are
usually unscented.

E&I 3x6 Round Pillar Candle
E&I 4x6 Round Pillar Candle
E&I 3x3 Round Pillar Candle
E&I 6x5 Round 4 Wick Pillar Candle
Hanna's 4x6 Round Pillar Candle
Hanna's 4x4 Round Pillar Candle
E&I 6x5 Round 4 Wick Pillar Candle

E&I 14oz Apothecary Jar Candle

Our Apothecary Jar Candle is one of our best selling scented container candles and it's perfect for any room in your house. It comes in a wide variety of fragrances of which many are sure to please you.


Completely change any room by adding
one of these highly scented candles.
Aromatherapy at work. These
are sure to brighten up any room
and any smile!

22oz Apothecary Jar Candle
Hanna's 12oz Frosted Octagon Jar Candle
Hanna's 5oz Soy Sorbet Frosted Tumbler
Hanna's 12oz. Soy Bakery Octagon
10oz. Triple Layer Flower Tumbler Candle
Hanna's Scented Candle Melts - 6 Pieces

14oz Melt Your Heart Jel Urn Candle

Your Valentine will love this new Sparkling Jel candle in the classic Urn shape jar. This will make the perfect gift year around to show your love to that special someone in your life.


An incredible combination of fragrance
plus beauty makes these candles
almost art forms. These candles have
various shapes and objects
suspended in gel wax and are sure
to be a conversation piece.

16oz Red and Pink Hearts Jel Candle
11oz Cherry Cheesecake White Heart Jel
11oz. Fruit Jel Ball Jar Candle
E&I 14oz Fruit Jel Apothecary Jar Candle
Jams & Jellies Jel Candle
14oz Melt Your Heart Jel Candle

E&I Scented Simmer Floating Candles

E&I Scented Simmer Floating Candles


Create a centerpiece with these floating
candles. Float a few in water
and relax your worries away.

2.5'' Floating Rose Candle
6pc Spring Pastel Floating Candle Set

Hanna's 15hr. Soy Bakery Votive Candle 4 Pack

Hanna's 15hr. Soy Bakery Votive Candle 4 Pack


High quality staple candles.
You wont find these fine candles
in your local department store.

E&I 15hr Soy Smoothie Votive Candle 4 Pc.
E&I 15hr Votive Candle 4 Pieces
Hanna's 15hr. Soy Garden Votive Candle 4pk
Hanna's 15hr. Soy Holiday Votive Candle 4pk

4pc Romance In The Spring Candle Set

4pc Romance In The Spring Candle Set. Delight that special someone with this wonderful spring set.


Give that someone (or yourself!)
a wonderful gift. These candle sets
make buying multiple candles a great value.

4pc Sea Sensations Candle Set
2pc Frasier Fir Candle Set
4pc Spring Delight Candle Set
12pc Floral Spring Basket Candle Set
2pc Lemon Pistachio Bread Soy Set



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