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RSBO6: Singing Bowl: Carved (3"-5" dia) - $ 52.95
For centuries the pure vibrations of singing bowls have been used for healing, meditation, making music and purifying. The cosmic sound of a bowl opens the inner space, and brings on the fresh air of the deeper consciousness.Doctors used them for diagnostics. Monks used them for offerings. Shamans used them for their secret purposes. Mothers with a newborn baby ate from them. Today they are used for Feng Shui, healing, meditation, music and purifying negative influences.Various Sizes between2" - 4" depth, 3" - 5" dia.


RSM300: Scrying Mirror, black 11" x 14" Triple Moon - $ 68.95
Impressive rectangular black scrying mirror on clear glass with finished edges. Pewter colored crescent moons with "moon beams" adorn the corners. Pewter colored rings & copper colored Celtic knot designs with triple moon emblems in between form an oblong circle around the scrying area. Suitable for framing, if desired. Display stand not included. 11" x 14".


RSCR4: Scrying Bowl, black stone, 4" dia. - $ 11.95
Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. The ancient Greeks & Nostradamus used scrying bowls filled with water in which to gaze & obtain their prophecies. Our black stone bowl is perfect for scrying. 4" dia.,2" deep.


RSM400: Scrying Mirror, black 8"x8" Goddess - $ 51.95
Lovely black scrying mirror on clear glass with beveled edges. Pewter colored Celtic triskeles & key knotwork adorn the corners. Circling the scrying area on a copper colored background are symbolic images of the Goddess. 8" square.


RSM9: Scrying Mirror: black, plain 6" dia - $ 32.95
Round black scrying mirror with silvery leading around its edge. Black mirrors are wonderful tools for scrying, which is the art of using tools to enhance one`s psychic abilities. 9" dia. Made in the U.S.A.

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