Divination on Samhain

  If you pare an apple all in one piece on Samhain night and allow it to fall to the ground unaided, it will spell out the initials of your future mate.

  Hang an apple from a string with a coin pushed deep inside and try to bite out the coin without using your hands.  Succeed, and your pockets will be full throughout the coming year.

  If you walk backward into a dark room while looking into a mirror and eating an apple at the same time, you will see your future mate's face in the mirror's reflection

  Hazelnuts were tossed into divination patterns by the Druids and then buried to honor the old gods:  Draw a small circle about one foot in diameter on the ground in front of you.  Take thirteen nuts and shake them around in your cupped hands while concentrating on your question.  Gently toss the nuts in front of you.  Those that land directly in the circle have the most bearing on you.  If more land in the circle than out of it, you have a right to be concerned about the question you asked.  Study the nuts for patterns which you can interpret.  For example, if the nuts are all pointing in one direction this could be an indication of a direction you need to take your problem.  If they appear in the form of a familiar object, use that information to apply to your question.  Occasionally they might fall to appear as letters of the alphabet which you can relate to your question.

  Scrying is the art of gazing into an object while focusing your mind on one particular question or issue.  The objects used usually have reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, water, or crystals.  To scry, focus your mind on one issue or question and soften your focus or gaze - but do not stare -  into the surface of the object.  After some time, visions should form.  These may come either as entire scenarios played out with all the detail of a high-tech movie, or they may be only symbols that you will have to interpret for yourself.

  Unlike other divinatory devices the Ouija board does not use the collective unconscious as the source for answers, but relies instead on asking unknown spirits to take over the device.  Opening such a portal without having any control over who or what comes has its risks, but you will have to decide for yourself if they are worth it or not.

  With practice in meditation and sustained concentration, your altered states can become longer and deeper, and at these deeper states (the theta and delta levels) you can do more advanced work, such as astral projection and regression.  These are very natural states.  The only difference is that you are seeking to gain control of them.  The key to these techniques is in learning to concentrate for increasing periods of time on one idea only.


Because the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is at its thinnest on Samhain, it is also a prime time to attempt spirit contact.  These contacts are not the creepy affairs portrayed in B-rated horror films, but beautiful and meaningful communications with departed loved ones.

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