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History Of Halloween And Witchcraft


In the modern world of today, Halloween is known as celebrated by one of the best holidays among the children and adults, as everyone gets to put on a costume of their favorite character in order to have some fun by partying hard or by spooking each other, however, where did all that start?

How old is Halloween?

Halloween, or also known as Samhain, is a tradition that has been started by the ancient Celts who have lived in the area of today’s Ireland about two thousand years ago. Unlike everyone’s assumption that this was always only celebrated as the day of the dead, it in fact was also celebrated as the new year for Celts, which took place on November 1st.

The main reason why it was marked as the end of the year for them, is because November 1st was the day which marked the end of summer, and the very last harvest that year due to the cold winter being right around the corner. The night before November 1st, which is of course October 31st, Samhain was celebrated also with the belief that the ghosts of the dead returned to wonder the earth for that night.

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Because of that, the Celt witchcraft, which was in the form of druidism was also believed to make things a lot easier for druids and priests to predict the future on that day as they could communicate and consult with the dead. It was very important for Celts to know about their future, especially during the dark winter that was coming, which is why Samhain and the whole prophecy thing were taken very seriously.

Druids would have specific rituals where they would build towering bonfires, which were considered sacred. Using those bonfires, people would gather around and burn animals or crops as their sacrifices, in order to have an even better harvest in the year to come.

You are probably wondering where does the whole costume thing play in? Is it just something that the modern world invented in order to spice up the economy for that day? Actually, it is not. In fact, during the original Halloween, Samhain, Celts would also wear costumes. Of course, they would be nothing like the ones we wear today, as their costumes would consist out of animal heads, their skin, and their bones as well.

The origin of the Jack-o-Lantern

While today’s Halloween was based on true occurrences, when it comes to the well-known Jack-o-Lantern tradition, its story originated with an old Irish legend. The story goes that there was a drunk called Jack, who tried to pull off a trick on Satan, however, little did Jack know by making a deal with Satan that he will not take his soul into hell, he did not expect heaven to reject him as well. After Jack tried to make Satan take him to hell, the devil then gave him a hallow turnip which was glowing inside in order to find his way while wondering through eternal darkness. As time went by, the turnip eventually changed into a pumpkin as the story was being told over and over, and that is how we ended up with the modern Jack-o-Lantern.

Witches and Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween is one of the scariest days of the year, and since it is believed, even in modern times, that there is very thin layer between the world of the living and the dead on that day, there is no surprise that witches are related to it.

According to the legends, there were only two dates in the year where witches would gather. The first date was April 30th, which is the eve of May Day, and the second one is, of course, October 31st, the day of the dead, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Halloween, there are quite a lot of names for this day actually.

On those days, witches would fly on their brooms to the gathering, where they would have a party with Satan. Witches would have fun that night by casting various spells on unsuspecting people, and they would transform themselves into various things in order to cause mischief and tragedy to commoners.

There was a saying, that in order to meet the witch, you would have to put your clothes the wrong way around, and you would have to walk backwards during Halloween. Then, right around midnight, you would see a witch. This legend, as well as the legend about witches was brought to America by the early settlers, and as time went by, their legends and stories mixed with the local cultures.

Modern Halloween traditions

Over the years, there are some ancient beliefs that are still in place when it comes to some people who still honor their dead during October 31st, however, most of us are more known to celebrate Halloween in quite a different way.

For example, Halloween is definitely one of the most popular times for the adult chat rooms from Cam Vive where webcam girls are going to wear all kinds of sexy costumes in order to attract and entertain their viewers. Of course, sexy costumes are not present only in online chat rooms these days, as you will see quite a lot of provocative and sexualized version of some popular characters no matter which party you plan to attend on this date, whether it is an online one, or one that takes place in real life. While Halloween has definitely taken quite a turn as a global celebration, and it is definitely becoming more and more popular every year, there are still some who believe that all of the stories about witches, the Jack-o-Lantern origins, and the communication with the dead, as well as bringing some back are the real deal. However, are you brave enough to try some of those things out, or does the Halloween terror creep up your spine, preventing you to even have a second thought about experimenting with such things, on that dreadful, yet fun night?


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