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The first thing you want to do is compose an altar on which you are going censer in the center, before the image of the Goddess. You should also have a twelve-inch round mirror with you, and you should circle the altar with nine white candles. Once you do that, you should burn a protective incense, like sandalwood, in the censer, and then, starting with the first candle directly before the Goddess image, say “Lunar light protect me!”.

You should repeat those words as you light all the candles, and once you are done, hold the mirror and invoke the Goddess by chanting the following words:

Great Goddess of the Lunar Light

and Mistress of the Seas;

Great Goddess of the Mystic Night

and of the Mysteries;

Within this place of candles bright

and with Your mirror nigh;

Protect me with Your awesome might

while ill vibrations fly!

After that, stand before the altar and hold the mirror while facing the candles. As you keep the mirror towards the candles, slowly move clockwise around the altar while observing the flames reflect the mirror to the surroundings. Then slowly increase your speed, and mentally invoke the Goddess to protect you. As you move faster and faster, observe the light shattering and cleansing the air around you, burning away all the negative energy and the pathways the negative energies have invaded your home.

You should charge your home with protective light energy of the Goddess by racing around the candles until you feel the atmosphere changing, which will be the sign that your home is cleansed and guarded by the Great Goddess. Upon experiencing such feelings, stand before the image again and thank the Goddess however you desire. Then slowly pinch out the candles one by one and bind them with a white cord so you can store them in a safe space until you wish to use them again for the same purpose.


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