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The Rune Cards consists of an elegant new package including 25 richly evocative cards, carrying pouch, and a beautifully illustrated book  filled with helpful new techniques for using the cards, along with the necessary interpretations for reading them. 

224pg. book / 25 Rune card set

Beautifully packaged in a presentation case, this unique gift set contains 27 rune stones with gold engravings in an elegant velvet drawstring bag, and an easy-to-read book explaining the mystery of Zen Runes and how to consult them. 

136pg. book / 27 Rune stone set

This book is packaged with a set of four hardwood rune dice. It describes how to divine future and hidden matters by single casts of the dice upon basic graphic patterns. The result is a system of rune divination that is highly specific, detailed, practical, yet extremely simple to learn and use.

288pg. book / 4 Wooden rune dice

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