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A wonderful deck and book set that I highly recommend. Robert Place's cards not only show the alchemical process but faithfully adapt the style and iconography of Renaissance alchemical illustration to the process of individuation as described by Carl Jung.  Much of the book is an excellent overview of the history, principles, and practice of alchemy.

78 card tarot deck and book

The 'standard' for most diviners who use tarot, this is the world's most popular tarot deck. 

The deck and book set comes complete and in full-color with original Tudor Rose back design, Celtic Cross divinatory chart, and The Key to the Tarot by Arthur Waite. 

78 card tarot deck and book

"The Enchanted Tarot" is a complete tarot learning system that is uniquely easy to use, beautiful to look at, and can immediately be put to use offering you guidance in your daily life. The set is easy to use because it has been designed to cut through the decades of obscure, arcane meanings associated with the tarot and concentrates instead of using the tarot as an exercise machine for our imagination, intuition and decision-making abilities.

78 card tarot deck and book


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