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     Attention other religions, sects and paths (including earth-based religions disagreeing with anything stated below) :
Let us not quarrel among ourselves.  
Leave us be and we shall do the same for you.  
Worship as you see best and allow us the same right.  
This is the true Wicca way...and the free way.

What is a witch?

A witch above all worships the Triple Goddess and her Consort, The Horned God, in one form or another.  A Witch works Magick within a definite code of ethics.  A Witch acknowledges and uses the male-female polarity in his/her rites.  A Witch takes total responsibility for her actions, herself, and her future.  

What is Wicca?

There are many differences between the various sects but on the whole Wicca is an ancient religion for love of life and nature.  The word 'Wicca' can be defined as 'the wise' or 'to bend', from a much older word 'Wicce'.  The Wicce believe in duality and the laws of karma, celebrating life through the seasons and the old Pagan season festivals  (see Sabbats).

What is Witchcraft?

Synonymous with 'Wicca' (although some traditionalists strongly disagree), the words 'Wicca', 'Wicce' 'Witchcraft' and 'Witch' all have the same basic meanings.

Do Witches worship Satan?

No.  'Satan' or 'The Devil' is an 'evil' aspect of Christianity.  Wiccans do not believe in divine good nor divine evil, as divinity is always reflected through each individual.  The unfortunate claims that the male aspect of Wicca (usually in the form of The Horned God of the Wild) is the same as the Christian Devil, is a good chunk of the reason why many Christians and others harshly persecute and ridicule those of The Craft.

Is Wicca related to Satanism?

No, absolutely no affiliaton.  Once again 'Satan' is an aspect of Christianity worshipped by 'satanists'.  There are no similarities, much less equalities, to join the two paths.

Who do Witches worship?

Everything in nature to a Wiccan is a true aspect of deity.  However, the aspects most often celebrated are the Triple Goddess of the Moon (Who is Maiden, Mother, and Crone) and the Horned God of the wilds .  These figureheads represent the duality (in gender and every respect) of everything in nature.

Can a Witch also be Christian?

No.  Craft folk believe in a beneficient universe, the laws of karma and reincarnation, and divinity inherent in every human being... where-as Judeo-Christianity incorporates concepts such as original sin, vicarious atonement, bodily resurrection, and divinity inherent in the Godhead alone.  Besides, you'd have to ask how serious a person who practiced two religions was about either one. Being Jewish is an exception, since it is a race and culture as well as a religion. There are many Wiccan Jews, but they practice Wicca, not Judaism.  

How do I become a witch?

One is not born a witch, nor does calling oneself a witch make one a witch.  Through attunement of nature, practice and ritual, one can learn the ways of the Wicce.  The peace, joy and love for everything in nature are the only required quality; the knowledge, mindset and satisfaction through Wicca are LEARNED.  Read a book, attend a festival, open your mind.


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