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    Can you send me a Spell?    Please dont write asking for spells or other works.  We devote ALL of our spare time into the growth of this site and the constant receipt of 'I want to cast a spell' is a bit numbing.  Magick comes not from words, nor paper, nor tool....but from YOU.  Please check the Ritual Page for new works.

    May I copy website text I see?    Permission is required for copying our texts and works for republication. We hold a U.S. Federal copyright and enforce this copyright in U.S. court. If you wish to copy a text or work for your personal use, perhaps for inclusion in your book of shadows or other notes, feel free to do so. If you wish to copy a text or work for use in public media of any kind (including but not limited to: Television, newspaper, internet website, school assignment, user group, email list etc), permission will most likely *NOT* be granted but feel free to request below. The Sanctum is comprised of many works by many authors, most of whom do not wish further reproduction on the internet or other forms of media.

    Please tell me more about Wicca.    As much as we would love to sit down individually and help others find the Pagan path within them, we simply do not have the time or resources to do so. If you are strongly interested in Wicca, I suggest you research some books, join our User Forum and find a festival in your area where you can meet others near you with your ideals and beliefs. We do appreciate the needs of many but we are inundated with 'Help' requests and unfortunately cannot reply to many of them.

    I wish to sell you something!    No!  We do not wish offers, barters, propositions, or partnership requests with any company or sales division period! Do not send email offering solicitation or partnership requests. They will be ignored.

    Your religion offends me!    If you feel the need to flame, send hatemail and tell us how much you despise our belief system, feel free to do so! Better you get it off your chest than obsess about it ruining another's day. These emails are of course, filtered and trashed upon arrival.

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